Hale Ikena – Fort Shafter, Hawaii

Hale Ikena at Fort Shafter, HI brings their ballrooms up to date with QSC Qsys!

Hale Ikena at Fort Shafter recently upgraded their ballroom sound system with a high-tech QSC QSys Networked Audio System. The system features a QSC Core i250 Networked Audio Processor and an additional I/O Frame to handle direct amplifier connections for both audio and monitoring. Controls were handled by a rack-mounted QSys TSC-8 Touchpanel and 5 additional QSys TSC-3 touchpanels, one in each of the ballrooms. Amplification was handled by QSC CX series amplifers and constantly monitored by the QSys Core to ensure optimal power output without overdriving or distortion.