Hawaii Theater Center

Custom Audio makes a big impact to the Hawaii Theatre… Again!

Hawaii Theatre Center recently did 2 major upgrades to their in-house audio system. The first upgrade was an overhaul of their live performance audio system. Details of the installation are here in the article below.


The more recent upgrade to the theatre sound system was the addition of a 7.1 surround sound cinema system. In conjunction with Moving Image Technology from California, Custom Audio installed and configured a feature rich and flexible cinema system. Not only could the system be used for movie premieres and cinema playback, but because the system utilized Electrovoice Netmax processor with Dante networked audio cards, the system can be re-configured to supplement the live audio system either in a stereo house configuration, or as a L-C-R configuration.

Two of the biggest challenges of deploying the customized 7.1 system was how to make the L-C-R speakers, comprised of XLD-281s and Xcs-312s, and subwoofers, comprised of the already existing QRX281s, portable and how to divide the seating areas into 2 listening planes. The first challenge was tackled by Custom Audio fabricating customized carts to support the ground-stacked speakers so they could be rolled off the stage when not in use. The second challenge was handled by installing 2 separate surround systems, both comprised of EV-U2082s. The lower surround system was installed under the balcony area to give the orchestra level surround sound while the upper surround system was installed on the theatre ceiling to give the balcony seating a separately timed surround system.

Finally, the theatre was given a custom control page via IRIS-Net control software to enable them to fully utilize the capabilities of their robust sound systems.